Hi Koda!

Today, my brother and I drove out past Hamilton, to bring home Koda, a 8 week old labradoodle 🙂

The family named him “Koda”, based off a family favourite Disney movie “Brother Bear.” Upon some research, Koda actually means “friend” or “companion” in the Native American dialect of Sioux.

On the drive home he whimpered a bit, but calmed down 20 minutes into the drive, as he lay in my brother’s arm.

Once we got home, for about 30 minutes Koda wandered around the front of the house and garage to get a sense of his new home. Getting into the house though was pretty challenging. The little guy isn’t quite strong enough yet to make it over the big steps from the garage to the mud room, so actually getting into the house on is own 4 feet didn’t happen. Once inside we played with him and his new toys, before a big nap (not just for Koda… 😉 )

Once up, we were able to get Koda to eat and go relieve himself outside, and not on our parents nice hardwood floors.

We did a lot of playing in the backyard today; “fetch” (at least some form of fetch), 1-on-1 soccer and what seemed to be a form of tag…

Not sure what the night holds for us, but hopefully with all the playing outside and excitement of the day he isn’t too bothered sleeping in a new house away from his normal surroundings… but we shall see, fingers crossed.



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